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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Y.S. Jagan's massive palace in Bangalore - Corruption Redefined

Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy - the corruption prince of Andhra Pradesh, built a massive palace that rivals the American President's Whitehouse, in Bangalore. It has a helipad for easy travel using a helicopter. Here are the pics->

How can someone who was in deep debt before his father became a Chief Minister, acquire so much property that only the Ambanis or Tatas can afford? You don't need to be a genius to figure out the answer -- corruption!!!

Mera Bharat Mahan! Mera AP Mahaan!


  1. jagan mean corruption, corruption mean jagan,
    he wants to fool the ap people. y s r looted lacs of crores and given small schemes to people. they wont ask about scams that is criminal brain.

  2. Jagan and Chandra babu naidu both are correpted guys...

  3. Jagan Mohan Reddy should be arrested. End of the day it is all (our) public money. This should be a lesson to every politician in India.

    Why do you think Jagan Should be Arrested?

    1) Stealing public money and investing in his companies.
    2) Floating two (worst possible) newspaper and TV channel which is from the day one boasts and shows only "JAGAN……………"!
    3) Not even 1% genuine news appears in his media and for running such a media which misguides poor people who are really innocent and stick to the TV daily. Either he should have changed its name to "JAGAN CHANNEL" or "YSR CONGRESS CHANNEL" instead of irritating and misguiding the TV viewers.
    4) For grabbing money from loyal businessmen in A.P. who were doing great and making them invest forcibly. So many reputed companies in A.P. have been affected due to his corruption empire!
    5) From 11 Lakhs to 48,000 Crores of wealth in just five years? How the hell it is possible? I am there cannot be any other entrepreneur or a businessman who has multiplied so much in this short duration.
    6) Congress move is very open and very honest since even the ruling party politicians like Madhu Koda, Kanimozhi and Raja were arrested for similar frauds and now why not Jagan?

    Try to answer yourself the below questions if you support Jagan:
    1) If Jagan really did not do anything wrong, why should he appeal to this enquiry and try to get a stay from the supreme court?
    2) Honestly YSR sir was a great leader who has done something good and being supportive to the farmers and he left us with a good name but now "YSR Congress" people are using his name and creating conspiracies that his accident was a preplanned one just to escape from the CBI interrogation!
    Undoubtedly the most saddest thing which can happen to a person who had passed away! His entire troop KVP, his MLA'S, etc; should be arrested for the entire drama!

    My dear friends, please let us support the CBI and let us all these kind of corrupted politicians to the Jail so that we can see the real prosperous country for our own future!

    Jai Hind!

  4. Another example of a core corrupt fellow, who can fool around and claim support of 30+ MLAs..
    Shame on them..